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(Unofficial add-on)

This page allows you to add a Duck Duck Go search option to your web browser's built in search bar that uses Google's suggestions to complete searches (and answer math problems).

One-click Install

Click one of the options below to install your preferred plugin. This works in most browsers, most of the time. If it fails, try a manual install.


Your keywords are sent straight to Google for suggestions and your searches are preformed on Duck Duck Go.

This is the fastest method.

Install Direct


Your keywords are proxied through to to restore the !bangs that google strips from the suggestions.

This is the most functional method.

Install Proxied


Your keywords go straight to Google for suggestions via HTTPS and your searches are preformed on Duck Duck Go via HTTPS.

This is the most secure method.

Install Encrypted

It looks like you're in Chrome.

To make Duck Duck Go + Google the default search engine:

  1. Click the wrench icon () and choose Preferences.
  2. In the Basics section, click Manage Search Engines...
  3. Hover over "Duck Duck Go + Google Suggest" at the bottom of the list, select it, and click Make Default.

How to install in FireFox 2+

  1. In FireFox you should have a search bar at the top with a down arrow. Click it.
  2. There will be an option that says Add "Duck Duck Go + Google Suggest". Click that.

How to install in Internet Explorer 7+

In Internet Explorer it's almost as easy as FireFox.

  1. Click the down arrow beside the search box.
  2. IE fakes you out and pretends that it's already installed.
    Ignore the first "Duck Duck Go + Google Suggest" and instead go to the Add Search Providers option.
  3. Another "Duck Duck Go + Google Search" should pop out of the side, click on that one.

How to install in Chrome

Unfortunately, the manual method of installing a search engine in Chrome does not allow the user to specify a suggestions URL. If the one-click method does not work, there was a suggestion of installing it in FireFox and then importing search settings into Chrome.

How to install in Opera 10.60+

Opera does not seem to allow automated installs, but it does support a manual install. Instructions adapted from

  1. Create a "regular" Duck Duck Go search.
    • Go to Prefferences (CTRL+F12) > Search
    • Click Add...
      Query string: (Leave blank)
      Use as default: (Optional, recommended)
      Use as Speed Dial search engine:   (Optional, recommended)
  2. Close Opera. You'll probably want to open these instructions in another browser.
  3. Open search.ini file from your Opera profile directory directory in any text editor.
  4. At the end of Duck Duck Go + Google Suggest search engine add the following code and save:

    Suggest Protocol=JSON
    Suggest URL={SearchTerm}

    Change the URL in the second line to or for encrypted or direct methods.

    After adding the code, it should look like this:

    [Search Engine X]
    Name=Duck Duck Go + Google Suggest
    Is post=0
    Has endseparator=0
    Search Type=0
    Suggest Protocol=JSON
    Suggest URL={SearchTerm}
  5. Restart Opera.

How to use it

As you type, your browser will query google for suggested keywords and offer to "complete" your search. Or, if you type in a math problem, it will suggest the answer instead. When you press [enter] or click the search button, the search will be performed on Duck Duck Go.

Hint: if your math problem doesn't get an answer try alternately adding / removing the = from the end.



Source Code & Credits

Fork me on GitHub

The source code and associated configurations for the proxy is available on github. If you are at all concerned about the privacy, I encourage you to set up your own server. This one is hosted on

The encrypted version was contributed by Eli Grey.

Everything else here was built by Nathan Friedly with node.js and nginx.


The XML OpenSearch plugins, proxy server, and code to this page may be freely distributed and/or modified under the terms of the MIT License. A link back to would be appreciated :)

This website is not affiliated with either Duck Duck Go or Google.